Jesus is a best friend, a caregiver, a teacher, and a parent. Jesus is the Son of God and the leader of the global church. Jesus provides for everything we could ever need in life – physical, emotional, spiritual, and others. Jesus is our constant companion, and is always by our side.

Jesus loves every human being, and showed us this love through being put to death on a cross, to make up for wrongdoings in our lives. Miraculously, three days later he came back to life, forever allowing humanity to know God, who is Jesus’ Father, without the need for further sacrifice. There is nothing we need to do to earn this love – it is freely given.

The love Jesus has for all of humanity is many times repeated in the Bible, the book that tells us about Jesus’ life. One of these examples is found in the book of John, chapter 15 verse 9, where Jesus says “As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you; abide in my love.”

The love Jesus has for the world inspires our daily lives and work as a church, but Jesus is far too complex and amazing to explain in a few sentences. We’d love to discuss this with you, so contact Pastor Norm or Associate Pastor Amanda, or if you’re local, drop by Listowel Mennonite on a Sunday morning to hear more about his love.